We offer a full range of wooden flooring services & installations from real oak, engineered oak and laminates.  With a variety of different borders, wood grains and finishes available we can make your wood floor truly unique.

Advantages of wooden flooring:

  • versatile
  • suitable for all rooms
  • scratch-resistant
  • easy to clean

Suppliers and fitters of quality hardwood flooring, real or laminate. Whatever your flooring needs, call Cartrefir Cwm Ltd. today.

Wood Flooring

When it comes to the floors of your home, you want something that is dependable, strong, hard-wearing/resistant to damage, and easy to clean. In other words, long-lasting. Which is why Cartrefir Cwm Ltd highly recommend the “Click-Loc” tongue and groove system of wooden flooring. This innovative locking system provides all of the benefits listed above, by allowing the wooden floor to move as a single “unit” – as opposed to attaching the floor directly to the sub-floor. The wooden floor is allowed to expand and contract naturally, which practically eliminates separation between boards, curvature, and even damage of the boards.

One of the most attractive features of wooden flooring is its diverse range of styles:

  • Light, medium, and dark shades
  • Oak, Ash, Beech, Cherry, Pine, Maple, Mahogany and many other types of wood
  • Satin, matt, oiled, age distressed, and even unfinished veneers
  • Plank, V grooves, tiled, mosaic, and parquet patterns

There is even the choice of real wood, or for a fraction of the cost, laminate flooring (which closely resembles the look of real wood). The various finishes available to wooden flooring make it a versatile surface, able to be put down anywhere in the home. There are flooring types suitable for high traffic areas of your home, and even moisture-resistant flooring for areas such as the kitchen.

With such a wide range of choice aesthetically and physically speaking, and all at an affordable cost, the sky – or should we say the floor – is the limit!

Long-term Guarantees Real wood and laminate flooring is a thing of beauty. Fortunately, today’s excellent standards of finishes and veneers provide a scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and hard wearing surface. Sturdy flooring you can walk all over!